The River Kwai March by Malcolm Arnold
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Sir Malcolm Arnold   Recorded by the Cornwall Youth Brass Band conducted by Cornishman John Berryman at the 2015 Christmas Concert   Commissioned by the Cornwall Youth Brass Band. In three movements: Round, Cavatina, Galop 1967: The first public performance was by the Cornwall Youth Brass Band conducted by Malcolm
Malcolm Arnold – A Tribute by Tony Mansell
Malcolm Arnold A Tribute By Tony Mansell (written in October 2002) (Published in the Malcolm Arnold Journal 2002)   “Regrets, I have a few” or so the song says. It is almost inevitable that we will all end our days with some regrets, they may be large or they may
Malcolm Arnold By Phillip Hunt (Lef A Vrest – Voice of Brass)   (Photo: courtesy Malcolm Arnold Estate) (1921 – 2006) Born: Northampton / lived in Cornwall “Happy but not idyllic – there’s nothing idyllic about writing music and bringing up a family”. That was how Malcolm Arnold described the
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