Choirs of all kinds hold a deeply important position in music in Cornwall. Whether formally organised with rehearsals and performances, or simply a group of people getting together to sing, voices raised in song are a huge feature in the musical landscape of Cornwall.

Perhaps most obviously, the male voice movement is particularly associated with Cornwall, with a large number of choirs touring and releasing music – and the Cornwall International Male Voice Choir Festival hosting a diverse range of choirs from around the world.

Churches and chapels were historically, and continue to be, obvious hubs for community singing, but there are many non-religious groups and settings involve group singing – for example, in pub shouts, sports clubs and teams (think of all the rowing clubs!), community groups, workplace choirs – and, in these COVID-19 restricted times, the Kernow Bedroom Choir has popped up bringing people together virtually and in song in the midst of social distancing and isolation.

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Circa 1900 (Photo: courtesy Margaret Davey) Back row: 1) Harries, 2) Osborn, 3) Reynolds, 4) J. Chynoweth, 5) Harper, 6) Willcocks, 7) J. Squire, 8) Tremewan, 9) Harper. Middle row: 10) Hocking, 11) Mitchell, 12) Letcher, 13) Angwin, 14) Uren, 15) Mitchell, 16) Harper. Front row: 17) W. Roberts, 18)
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Contesting Not all bands enter competitions and there are some which shun the contest stage, preferring to concentrate their efforts in providing music for local events. For most players, though, contesting has always been an important part of brass banding, the reason that they spend so many hours trying to
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Gareth Cottrell Christmas Blessing for MVC by Gareth Cottrell   Gareth Cottrell is a primarily a brass band miusician but he has extended his activities to include choirs and organ  
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