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Welcome to the Cornish language section.  This archive embraces a wide range of music that reflects and celebrates Cornwall’s distinctive cultural heritage. If there’s a bit of the language in the lyrics, (or the title if instrumental), of some work then it is Cornish – and that’s the magic of our language.  It can take something known to the world like Beatles songs, and through translation, create music that very Cornish indeed.

Firstly, there were anthems like Trelawny (from English),  Bro Goth (from Welsh) and songs of the Gorsedh Kernow ceremony – more than a hundred years old.  Next came all the folk songs much loved by us, e.g. Camborne Hill, Lamorna, The White Rose, etc. especially at closing time in the pub!  This is useful for teaching Kernewek because not every singer is fluent but with well-known tunes there’s no excusefor you not to join in.

There’s a corpus with translations of every sort of music; from Chapel and Church there’s hymns and carols, (the St Ive Carol Service began in 1975).  Also there’s songs for children from collections such as Canow Fleghes, Planet Kernow, Keur Kernewek, etc. but many are often sang by adults!

There’s Motorhead, Britney Spears, Gary Numan and many others for karaoke, sea shanties and opera as well as music that supports film and theatre.

Some songs such as Ow Avon Splann by Brian Webb and Sav yn-bann by Matthi Clarke are without English translation.

The music scene in Cornwall is enriched by Kernewek and Kernewek is enriched with music – long live Cornish music.

Pol Hodge, Bardh Meur, Mys Gortheren 2020

If you have songs for this section or would like to help with translations, please contact Merv Davey here.

Rann Gernewek 

Dynnargh dhe’n rann Gernewek.  An argh ma a syns kammneves a ilow a dhasplan ha merkya ertach gonisogethek diblans Kernow. Mars usi tamm an yeth y’n geryow (po yn titel mars yw heb geryow) a neb ober yth yw kernewek – ha hemm yw an hus a’gan yeth ni.  Hi a yll kemeres neppyth aswonys dhe’n bys kepar ha kanow Beatles, ha dre dreylyans, gul ilow pur gernewek yn hwir.

Yn kynsa, yth esa antempnys avel Trelawny (dyworth Sowsnek), Bro Goth (dyworth Kembrek) ha’n kanow yn solempnita Gorsedh Kernow – moy ages kans bledhen koth.  Nessa, y teuth oll an kanow gwerin meur gerys genen ni, r.e. Bre Gammbronn, Lamorna, An Rosen Wynn, h.e.  yn arbennek prys degea yn diwotti!  Hemm yw dhe les rag dyski Kernewek drefen nag yw pub kaner freth yn taves mes gans an tonyow aswonys yn ta nyns eus askus ma nag os ta omjunya.

Yma korf gans treylyansow a bub eghen a ilow; dyworth Chapel hag Eglos yma hymnys ha karols, (an Gonis Sen Iv a dhallathas yn 1975).  Ynwedh yma kanow fleghes dyworth kuntellesow Canow Fleghes, Planet Kernow, Keur Kernewek, h.e.  mes lies yw kenys yn fenowgh gans tevesigyon!

Yma Motorhead, Britney Spears, Gary Numan ha lies erel rag karaoke ha morganow ha gwari kan hag ynwedh ilow dhe skoodhya fylm ha gwariva.

Nebes kanow kepar hag Ow Avon Splann gans Brian Webb ha Sav yn-bann gans Matthi Clarke yw heb treylyans Sowsnek.

An gwel ilow yn Kernow yw rychhes gans Kernewek ha Kernewek yw rychhes gans ilow – bewnans hir dhe ilow kernewek.

Pol Hodge, Bardh Meur, Mys Gortheren 2020

Mars eus dhis kanow Kernewek rag an rann ma po hwans dhe weres gans treylyans res yw dhis kestava gans Merv Davey mar plek.

Menegva Kanow Kernewek – Cornish Song Catalogue

Hanow (Name)

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Komposydh/es (Composer)
po Hengovek (traditional)
Gwydhyow (Video)Sonskrif (recording)Geryow (lyrics)Ilow Skrifys (Music Score)
Skeus Jakka TeyluTeylu*
Duw Genes Anna TeyluTeylu*
Bys Jenna TeyluTeylu*
An Tenna naTeyluTeylu*
Sav Yn BanSkwardyaSkwardya*
TrelawnyRobert Stephen Hawker / Henry JennerSt Ives Community Choir
Lowender a DheuRobert Morton Nance Buccas Four
Arta Ev a DheuRobert Morton Nance Buccas Four
Can PaloresRobert Morton Nance & Ralph Dunstan**
Kerra KernowRichard Gendall / Brenda WoottonBrenda Wootton*
De Sul Vyttyn Richard Gendall / Brenda WoottonBrenda Wootton*
Karol, Karol, KristyonMatthew Burrows / John ParkerKeur Heb Hanow**
Rond Sen PeranKenneth PelmearJohn Bolitho*
Hayl dh’agan MammvroKenneth Pelmear / Richard JenkinBuccas Four**
Tansys GolowanJon MillsPyba**
Chambour bys y’n BedhInglis Gundry / John Parker / Steve PenhaligonKeur Heb Hanow**
Bro Goth Agan TasowHenry JennerBuccas FourJohn Bolitho**
Dur ha TanHengovek- Bretonek / Mick Paynter**
Whelyow an GaroryonHengovek /Merv Davey**
Dean Younk A GernowHengovek / Tony Snell Dalla
Tri MarghekHengovek / Tony SnellJon Mills - Pyba**
Plema ‘n JawlHengovek / Tony SnellRyb An Gwella**
Oghen GwyllsHengovek / Tony Snell**
MelinorHengovek / Tony Snell**
Lowena Dhywgh KernowyonHengovek / Tony Snell**
Klipper AberfalaHengovek / Tir ha TavasTir Ha Tavas*
When ha BleujennowHengovek / Merv Davey**
Tansys GolowanHengovek / Merv Davey**
HunganHengovek / Merv Davey**
EstrenHengovek / Merv Davey**
De Hala MeHengovek / Merv Davey**
DamonHengovek / Merv Davey**
Jowan BuntHengovek / Julyan Holmes**
Tri GorhelHengovek / Jon MillsKescana**
An Gwydh Mar Ughel – The Trees HighHengovek / Jon MillsJon Mills - Pyba**
Kan Kanoryon NosHengovek / Jon MillsKescana**
Kan an CiderHengovek - Bretonek / Tony Snell**
Wassel ResrudhHengovek / Merv DaveyKeur Heb Hanow**
When EyndekHengovek**
Tre BosvennaHengovek**
Terryans SyllanHengovek**
Rosenik Gwer – Green CockadeHengovek /Tavas**
Own Den Koth DaHengovek**
Naw Map Harth – Nine Brave BoysHengovek / Merv DaveyJohn Bolitho**
Mowes a VriHengovek**
Maggie MayHengovekMabe Ladies ChoirJohn Bolitho**
LamornaHengovekOll An Gwella**
Hal dhe ves JoeHengovekAggie Boys - Ragdres Morgannow*
Ha My Ow MosHengovek**
Goos NelsonHengovekMatt Blewett - Ragdres Morgannow*
Galargan Kostentin Hengovek / Robert Morton Nance / Steve PenhaligonKeur Heb Hanow**
Deulagas Vyghan / Little Eyes / Little LiseHengovekOll an Gwella**
Delyow SeviHengovekBrenda Wootton & Ben Luxon**
Bre GammbronnHengovekOll an Gwella**
Antemna Kaswydh/a>HengovekOll an Gwella**
An GwythyasHengovek**
An AwhesythHengovek**
Adam Hag EvaHengovek**
Kernow Ow DhreHarry GlassonMatthie Clarke*
Wassel Kernow Dee BrothertonTir Ha Tavas
Kernow Bedroom Choir
Warnas MutationsBrian WebbBrian Webb
Ow Avon SplannBrian WebbBrian Webb*
Goslowyn orth Nowodhow TristBrian WebbBrian Webb
Frutys ha BleujennowBrian WebbBrian Webb
Farwel genes WellaBrian WebbBrian Webb
An Tir yw dha vroBrian WebbBrian Webb*
Morgan FarwelAlan Molyneaux / Dee BrothertonTir Ha Tavas - Ragdres Morgannow**
Avorrow Korolli My A VynnHengovek / Steve PenhaligonKeur Heb Hanow**
Telyn ArthurEsme FrancisEsme Francis**
Ha My Ow QuandraEsme Francis Esme Francis**
Torrey CanyonEsme Francis **
Pyu us ow Kelwel?Esme FrancisEsme Francis **
May Nyj An Gullas GwynEsme FrancisEsme Francis**
May Cry and EdhenEsme FrancisEsme Francis
Kan GabrielOrdinalia / Merv Davey John BolithoJohn Bolitho & Merv Davey - Ordinalia Perran Round 1996*
Kan MaryaOrdinalia / John Page John BolithoOrdinalia / Merv DAvey John Bolitho*
Porth Enys (hymn tune) by Lorgh VrasLorgh Vras**
Eglos Kernow (hymn tune) by G R SinclairG R Sinclair**
Kan Dilly – The Dilly SongHengovek**
An Vorvoren SenorJulyan Holmes & Penny KnightQuylyn Tew**
Kevrynyow KeltekLorna West / John PengilleyJohn Bolith0**

Ow Avon Splann Skrifys gans  Brian Webb Ow avon splann, ow avon efan Ow resek heb lett dhe’n mor; Ow avon splann, ow avon efan, Ow treghi dha fordh der an dor.   An lanwes re lanhas olow treys an klavrek Ysold yth esa ow toen. Dha dhowrow re welas
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The English words were written by Pearce Gilbert in 1959. Kenneth Pelmear (1923- 1995) set a Cornish version of the words by Richard Jenkin to music and published the song in a booklet of compositions in 1982 called Cornish Voices.
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An Tir yw dha vro- skrifys gans  Brian Webb   An tir yw dha vro An tir yw ow bro A Benn an Wlas Dhe Damer ha’y glannow A dewynnow Pyran Dhe borth Lannvorek Komendys o Kernow dhywgh hwi ha my. Ha my ow kerdhes A-hys fordh stenoryon Y teuth
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