Our projects section covers one-off and ongoing efforts to bring music to a wider audience in a variety of different forms.

This includes the publication of research and the development of musical books, such as Shout Kernow and Hark! – but also covers performances and festivals.

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Project & background This book came about as a result of a project called Shout Kernow, undertaken in 2012 by Hilary Coleman and Sally Burley. The project aimed to record, celebrate and help sustain the living tradition of pub singing in Cornwall. We realised that it would be one of
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This project was completed and published by Dyllansow Truran in 1983, edited by Merv Davey. The primary purpose was to provide songs in the Cornish Language but included songs in English, dances tunes and ballads.
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In 2000 the members of Cornish Youth Dance group Tan Ha Dowr (Fire and Water) engaged in a recording project to capture the sounds and rhythms of Cornish dance. The project featured Cornish Scoot (step) dance where the percussive sound of hard shoes creates a conversation with musician and tune.
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