Jim Pinch chats to Phillip Hunt at Bugle Contest
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West of England Bandsmen’s Festival (Bugle) Part 3 – 1981 to 2000
    See also: Part 1 – 1912 to 1950 Part 2 – 1951 to 1980 Part 4 – 2001 to 2020 Part 5 – 2021 to   The information in this potted history has been collected from many sources including the WEBF Website and its commemorative programmes. It is
West of England Bandsmen’s Festival (Bugle) Part 2 – 1951 to 1980
Not all bands enter competitions and there are some which shun the contest stage, preferring to concentrate their efforts in providing music for local events. For most players, though, contesting has always been an important part of brass banding, the reason that they spend so many hours trying to perfect
West of England Bandsmen’s Festival (Bugle) Part 1 – 1912 to 1950
The History in a Nutshell The West of England Bandsmen’s Festival, better known as Bugle Contest, is famous throughout the brass band world. Its host village takes on a different complexion on the day of the event as the typical clay mining community is transformed into a festival location and
Indian Queens Brass Band
Indian Queens is a village situated west of Goss Moor and north of Fraddon approximately ten miles west-southwest of Bodmin   My thanks for the material from the book Indian Queens Band – A Photographic History by Dick Coles Indian Queen’s Band founder Martin Strongman Kessell (Photo: courtesy Dick Cole)
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