St Ives Community Choir


The St. Ives Community Choir formed in 2004 under the leadership of Katrina Geraghty, a peripatetic music teacher who later became head of music at  St.Ives School.  Her ethos was to encourage singing and everyone was welcome to join.  Katrina is an accomplished pianist herself, but in order to conduct the choir, she invited her friend Alison Ashby to become the choir’s accompanist.

Katrina retired from the choir in 2011 because of work commitments and William Thomas took on the role of MD on a temporary basis – and nine years later he is still in that role.  William has continued the ethos of singing for pleasure and has enabled the choir to perform numerous concerts in aid of various charities, raising many thousands of pounds for them, including venues such as the Minack Theatre and Truro Cathedral.

The choir has developed its repertoire and includes songs in the Zulu and Shona languages, as well as classical items and music from theatre and gospel.  Following the choir’s rendition of the Cornish Anthem ‘Trelawny’ at the Old Cornwall Society’s celebration in St. Ives in November 2015,  the Grand Bard of the Gorsedh, Mervyn Davy, asked the choir to perform in the Cornish Language at the Lowender Perran festival in Newquay.  The choir took on the task enthusiastically and learned Bro Goth agan Tasow, Trelawny and An Rosen Wyn in the Kernewek language.  Subsequently, these were recorded and are available to listen to through the Gorsedh’s Website and Youtube.

William, himself, a Bard of the Cornish Gorsedh, is proud to include these songs, together with other Cornish items in the choir’s concert repertoire.  The choir also recorded a social media advert in Kernewek for the Kelly’s Cornish Ice Cream company.

The choir averages 20 performances each year throughout Cornwall and continues to welcome singers to make music in support of their community and many charities.

St Ives Community Choir sing Bro Goth Agan Tasow at Lowender Peran

St Ives Community Choir Sing The White Rose in Cornish at Lowender Peran

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