Organs of Penzance and an historic Hele in Penzance Baptist Church by Jeffrey Williams
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  1. M D West

    I know nothing about organs but my understanding was that St John’s Hall was equipped from its opening in 1867? with a London built Bryceson organ ( which cost about 10% of the whole building project) but it was one of the last built with mechanical valves which were made obsolete by the advent of electrically actuated valves and by about 1910 the St John’s Hall organ was in need of major overhaul ( plus newer forms of public entertainment had arrived).. Do you know when it was physically removed from St John’s Hall?

    1. Tony Mansell

      Thank you micky, I will pass this to jeffrey. Best, Tony

      1. Tony Mansell

        Hi Micky. I passed your comments to Jeffrey and he has responded thus:
        The National Pipe Organ Register has the St John’s Hall organ originally built by Bryceson in 1867, but rebuilt by Norman & Beard in 1905. This is the instrument to which I was referring in the article. The NPOR records the organ as being ‘almost unplayable’ in 1938, and, sometime after that, was purchased by the then organist of Chapel Street Methodist Church and incorporated into the 1940’s rebuild of that instrument by Sweetland Organ Building Co, as I mentioned in the article. The NPOR does not have an exact date for the removal of the St John’s organ, but suggests that the rebuilt Chapel St instrument dates from c.1946.

        I have attached a slightly tweaked article to make clearer the origins of the St John’s Hall instrument. Perhaps you can post this one instead.

        All good wishes