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St Dennis Brass Bands
Cornish Brass Band Contest results are recorded separately and can be found using this link   From the band’s website we see that the St Dennis Band was formed in 1836, in time for it to become a part of the celebrations for Queen Victoria’s Coronation in June 1838. At
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  1. michael webber

    John Brush came to see me at Launceston a few years before he died. I let him have my collection of banding programes which he copied and returned. As I am getting older I want to pass these items on to an archive where they can be kept safe and used by researchers into Cornish band history. Could you give me an idea of how to proceed and what facilities are available for safe keeping.

    1. Tony Mansell

      Hello Michael,

      The Cornish National Music Archive will be pleased to receive these so that the contents can be incorporated into its contest records. Following this, and with your permission, they will be deposited at Kresen Kernow (Cornish Records Office) which will accept them providing they are not already included in their archive. Tony Mansell