Hymn Tunes with Cornish Place Names
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  1. Peter Tylor

    Hello, I was most pleased and interested to come across this page in the course of researching a certain not very well known hymn that happens to be mentioned here. As a church musician from mid-Cornwall with a long-standing interest in hymnody, I am aware of several hymn tunes with Cornish place / saint names that are not yet included in your list, and I can also supply further information about some of those that you do already mention. Please let me know if you would like me to contribute. Best regards, Peter Tylor

    1. Tony Mansell

      Peter, we would welcome your input which will be acknowledged. My email address is tonymansell4@outlook.com. 07812 463746. Many thanks for your offer of help.

    2. Tony Mansell

      We would be delighted if you are able to add to our list or provide further information, Peter. No doubt anything you send will end up on my computer but it may travel to me quicker if you use my personal address: tonymansell4@outlook.com Thanks for getting in touch. Tony

  2. Frances Bennett

    Great project and I am sure there will be more fascinating tunes to come! It would be good to add that the tune Saltash (methodist hymn book version) has been adopted into folk playing in Cornwall and further afield – for example, it has been recorded by duo Spiers and Boden who regularly perform it.