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  1. Wendy Harman

    Hi, I’m helping Dora the widow of the great Ken Howard RA OBE, who died just before the Queen, to organise Ken’s Memorial Service.. Ken painted many Cornish scenes from his home base in Mousehole.
    There is to be a Royal Academy Memorial Service for Ken in early December and we would really love your song ‘Cornwall My Home’ to be sung.at this in St. Jameses church Piccadilly, opposite the Royal Academy, your beautiful song brought Dora to tears when she heard it, so how can we get permission to perform it please?
    Best wishes, Wendy Harman

    1. Kate

      Hi Wendy, thanks for this, we’ve received your email as well – just making some enquiries to see if we can put you in contact with Harry! You may be able to get in contact with him directly on Facebook but I’ll be in touch in any case. Gwella, Kate

  2. Wendy Harman

    Thank you so much Kate, Harry gave his permission, so it will be performed and Dora has been directly in touch with him. Dora does Facebook, which I don’t. We cannot thank you enough for all your help. Bravo!

  3. Adam Dikker

    If possible for this comment to reach Mr. Glasson; I am a dear friend and confidant of Susan Rescorla, widow of 9/11 hero and Cornishman Rick Rescorla. In a separate thread via the Fishermans Friends cover of Mr. Glasson’s song, he commented that he is Rick’s second cousin–a fact which I believe I’ve validated by speaking with Susan 🙂 Was hoping to possibly connect Mr. Glasson with Susan, if we can initiate a conversation via email–many thanks in advance!

    1. Merv Davey

      We have put you in touch with Harry – he is delighted to be in contact with Susan!

  4. Chris Gibbons

    Harry, many people feel that way about their own homeland. Mine was on the prairies in Oklahoma. With full credit to you:

    On these timeless prairies I felt the winds blow
    and watched the sun set on wheat fields below
    My ancestors’ home in the American land
    This Oklahoma, this eternal land

    For this is my home, and I’ll tell you why
    Because I was born here and here I shall die
    on these vast prairies, and I’m not alone
    For this is Wakita and this is my home