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Cornwall Youth Brass Band – Part 1 from 1955 to 1980
The Cornwall Youth Brass Band had its beginnings in 1955. It has enriched the lives of so many young musicians but countless other folk have also been involved, some as tutors and others in administrative roles. Their contribution is acknowledged and recognised. My thanks go to all of the organisations
By Tony Mansell The Cornwall County Youth Brass Band was formed in 1955 and for the first four years it was divided into two groups: the seniors, led mainly by Fred Roberts of Camborne Town Band, and the training group led by Frank Moore of St Agnes Silver Band. These
St Agnes Brass Bands
St Agnes is a large village on the north coast of Cornwall about five miles north of Redruth and ten miles southwest of Newquay.     1837: The earliest date we have for a St Agnes Band event is the laying of the foundation stone for the British School in
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