Demelza or The Maid of the Moor by Goff Richards

Goff Richards


1980s: Originally written for tenor horn by Goff Richards under his pen mame of Hugh Nash, and here arranged for soprano player Brian Evans. It is based on Demelza, a character in the BBC programme Poldark. Goff was retained and contracted to write music for Studio Music at the time… so wrote the solo for Brian to play on his solo CD; which was recorded by Dave Horsfield under the pseudonym… Demelza is published by Kirklees which was David’s company, now run by his son Graham.

It was recorded by the Cornwall Youth Brass Band conducted by Derek Booadbent at the 1990 Christmas Concert

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  1. Andrew Stephen

    Why do you say it is a Tenor Horn solo when it was written for a Soprano Cornet soloist?

    1. Tony Mansell

      Hi Andrew, it does sound a bit confusing so perhaps we need to make it clearer. The music notes state: This work by Goff Richards was written in the eighties and is best known under the name Demelza in a version for Tenor horn. Marten van der Wal made an arrangement for solo instrument and band (there are different transpositions of the solo part included).