Cornish Tea Treats – The Evolving Scene
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Cornish Tea Treats – Introduction
A project by Dr Merv Davey, Tony Mansell and Dr Garry Tregidga The objective of this project is to collect, preserve and share aspects of a Cornish phenomenon which spanned almost two hundred years. It clearly caught the imagination of many people, evinced by the fact that the anecdotes, memories,
Cornish Tea Treats – Across the Patch (T – Z)
Talskiddy 1903: “… The chapel anniversary services at Talskiddy last week were largely attended. The Foxhole Brass Band headed the procession of Sunday-school children and teachers through St. Columb, and a public tea was afterwards held, …” (18 June 1903 – Royal Cornwall Gazette) 1906: “Upwards of 250 partook of tea at the Talskiddy
Cornish Tea Treats – Across the Patch (R – S)
Radnor Peter Malindine’s * wife, Valerie, was born in Hawthorn Cottage, Radnor Road, Scorrier in 1932 and remembers being taken to Radnor Bible Christian Chapel Sunday school events, by farmer Will Snell in his pony and Jingle. (* For more about Peter Malindine see Silverwell)   Rame 1918: Rame with
Cornish Tea Treats – Across the Patch (G – Q)
Germoe 1878: Germoe Wesleyan Sunday School: “…The annual festival of this school was held on Saturday last. The children and teachers, headed by the Germoe Brass Band and carrying banners, marched in procession”. (2 August 1878 – Royal Cornwall Gazette)   Goldsithney 1920: “Goldsithney celebrated their Sunday school festival on Saturday. The school was
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  1. Melanie Frankell

    That photo of a tea treat in the 1960s does not look like Carbis Bay. Where is beach road? Where is the railway? The cliffs slope too gently in the photo.

    1. Tony Mansell

      I see what you mean Melanie. I will ask the contributor. Thanks, Tony

    2. Tony Mansell

      You are absolutely correct, Melanie. It is Swanpool Beach at Falmouth. Our aplogies and thanks for pointing it out. Tony