Cornish Brass Bands – Summercourt

Summercourt is a village in the civil parish of St Enoder, five miles southeast of Newquay


1870: “…of Hope Festival was held at this place. At 3 o’clock the procession formed at the Wesleyan Chapel, and headed by the Summercourt Band, paraded the various streets, and then went to the Amphitheatre, when the members and several others partook of tea …” (29 April 1870 – Cornubian and Redruth Times)

1870: “… The children, to the number if 130, formed in procession and perambulated the Church-town, headed by the Summercourt Brass Band, and then went to the amphitheatre, where tea was provided for them as well as for the public …”(7 May 1870 – Royal Cornwall Gazette)

1880: “… The procession, which was led by the Summercourt Brass Band, started from the Fair Park schools at 3.30 p.m., marched to the Churchtown, thence to the Porth, …” (13 August 1880 – Royal Cornwall Gazette)

1890 or earlier and for many years: Tom Brenton Summercourt Band MD. (Ivan Rabey)

1890: “… Readings and dialogues were given by the young men of the village. The Summercourt Band (T Brenton, A Brokenshire, H Nancarrow, and D Trevarton) played at intervals…” (18 December 1890 – Royal Cornwall Gazette)

1892: “… The children met in the schoolroom at three o’clock, and formed a procession, headed by the Summercourt Brass Band. After perambulating the village they repaired to a field…” (2 June 1892 – Royal Cornwall Gazette)

Summercourt Band 1892 (Photo: courtesy Dick Cole)

1894: “… On Tuesday the children had their annual treat in a field near the chapel, Summercourt Brass Band being in attendance. A public tea was well attended…” (26 July 1894 – Royal Cornwall Gazette)

1897: “… After perambulating the village, headed by the Summercourt Brass Band, the procession reached the …”(22 July 1897 – West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser)

1902 to 1907: John Roach Summercourt Band MD. (BBHD)

1912: “… Selections were played during the afternoon by Summercourt Brass Band…”(6 June 1912 – West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser)

1912: “Hugus Wesleyan Sunday School treat took place on Friday. The scholars paraded with Summercourt Brass Band at the head, and proceeded to a field where the remainder of the proceedings passed off most pleasantly.”(20 June 1912 – West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser)

1912: “… Rose Sunday School treat took place on Saturday afternoon. The scholars and officers paraded the village, headed by Summercourt Brass Band, and on their return the children were provided with buns and tea. …”(18 July 1912 – West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser)

Summercourt Band at the Lemon Wesleyan Band of Hope, Truro (Photo: courtesy Dick Cole)

Summercourt Band at Cubert tea treat 1911 (Photo: courtesy Dick Cole)

Summercourt Band circa 1911 (Photo: courtesy Dick Cole)

Back row: Orlando Brokenshire, Ernest Brokenshire, Albert Osborne, Will Burt

Middle row: Will Truscott, Russell Skinner, Wesley Juleff, Wesley Cole, Fred Halls

Front row: Jim Brokenshire, George Robins, Tom Brenton, Walford Trevarton, Chummy Luke

1912: “… Wesleyan Sunday School annual treat took place Monday July 29th, in inclement weather. The children and teachers, headed by Summercourt Band, under Mr Tom Brenton paraded the village…”(3 August 1912 – West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser)

1914: Summercourt Band contesting. (Contest archive)

WWI: Summercourt Band “largely fell silent during the war”. (Trusting Fully Trusting by Dick Cole and Ann Reynolds)

1918 – 26th August: Ernest Brokenshire lost his life in the First World War. Prior to the war he was a cornet player in the Summercourt Band. (Trusting Fully Trusting by Dick Cole and Ann Reynolds)

1919 – July: Summercourt Band took part in the Peace Day celebrations and later appeared in “fancy costume”.(Trusting Fully Trusting by Dick Cole and Ann Reynolds)

1920: “The Summercourt Brass Band are now booking engagements for the coming season. A good programme of music for shows, treats, dances, etc. For prices apply …” (11 & 18 March 1920 – West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser)

1920: “… the Rechabites, the annual effort on behalf of the Royal Cornwall Infirmary took place Friday week. Headed by the Summercourt Brass Band, a procession was formed …” (29 July 1920 – West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser)

1920: Mithian and Trevellas first annual horse show, races, sports, and carnival on Saturday proved great success. The events took place in field near the Council School, lent by Mrs. F. Cowling. Despite the fall of rain in the early morning, the weather later was fine, and over 3.000 persons were present. The officials organised a show of all-round excellence. It was the first show held by the society which augurs well for the future. Over £75 was offered in prizes. The officials were President, Mr. H. Johns; vice-president, Capt. J. Whitford; chairman, Mr. J. Tredinnick; director of showyard, Mr. W. Snell; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. Berryman; hon. Secretaries, Messrs. F. C. Snell and C. W. Drew; clerk of course, Messrs. C. Roberts and R. Tredinnick; starter, Capt. J. J. Hooper. The judges were: … Summercourt Brass Band were in attendance. The entries in the horse section were good numbers and quality…” Full report: (5 August 1920 – West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser)

1923: “The funeral of Mr. T. Brenton. of Summercourt, who died after an operation Plymouth Hospital, took place at St. Enoder Church on Friday, and was largely attended. Deceased, who was 62 years of age, was unwell for a few weeks. He was for many years organist the Wesleyan Chapel, Summercourt, and bandmaster of the Summercourt Brass Band. The band played outside his residence just before the funeral. …” (7 June 1923 – West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser)

Summercourt Band 1925 (Photo: courtesy Dick Cole)

Back row: Norman Yelland, Albert Oborne, Niles Caddy, Harry Burt, Herbert Nancarrow, Bryce Currah

Middle row: Bill Lobb, Jack Yelland, Edgar Sparks, Jack Rawlings, R Crowle, Cyril Lobb, Gordon Trevarton

Front row: Albert Powell, Dick Cole, Tom Cole, Wesley Cole, Archie Hoskin, Enoder Gill, Chummy Luke

1927: “The parade in aid of Truro Infirmary held on Wednesday, when the Independent order of Rechabites, headed by Summercourt Brass Band, marched in procession through the principal streets prior to assembling …”(29 June 1927 – Cornishman)

1928: Summercourt Band contesting under William Juleff. (Contest archive)

Summercourt Band possibly disbanded and, if so, they re-formed before 1938.

Summercourt Band re-formed in 1938. (Photo: courtesy Dick Cole)

1938 to 1950s: Bill Caddy Summercourt Band MD. (Dick Cole)



Compiled by Tony Mansell (Bardh Kernow)


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