Sheviock Brass Band
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  1. Ian Whittaker

    I can add a little to this. There is a photo of the band taken in 1913 which names it as Sheviock Prize Band. Rev Lloyd Walters (the vicar) also had an orchestra (in which ladies could play) and there is a photo of part(?) of this group as well. The manuscript trumpet part of ‘The Heavens are telling’ survives, I think. I have the first cornet part of the brass band book of the tunes and arrangements of Rev Lloyd Walters. Containing pieces like the Crafthole Waltz. After the band folded, a village dance band survived for some years. That apparently folded when my great aunt (the pianist) refused to play the then modern dance music. Or perhaps didn’t like to play that music would be more accurate.

    1. Tony Mansell

      I would love to receive the additional material, please Ian, which will be included under your name. The Crafthole Waltz would be of great interest as we are collecting Cornish-related music as well as information about the bands. Interestingly, my gt grandfather played in the Doyley Carte OPera Company and then formed his own dance orchestra. He refused to play the modern stuff and his son left to form his own dance band. I look forward to hearing further: