Deveral Brass Band

Deveral is a hamlet in the parish of Gwinear-Gwithian


Unknown formation date.

1895: The reed band played a capital programme of music, and other selections were rendered in the village during the day by the Deveral Brass Band. The attendance was moderate, but the show deserved more extensive patronage. (9 May 1895 – Cornishman)

1896: Soon after half-past eight the band struck up. The procession the St Erth and Deveral Bands, and headed the whole line into Foundry square, thence down the street to Copperhouse. (6 August 1896 – Cornishman)

1897: In procession, by way of Copperhouse and Phillack, to the Towans, where tea was provided …. Copperhouse Rifles, Deveral Band, and the Wesley Guild Drum and Fife Band supplied the music. The procession was a large one, over 1,700 children. (24 June 1897 – West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser)

1897 to 1914 circa: Deveral Brass Band active. (JB / BBHD)

1898: During the afternoon Deveral’s Brass Band rendered several selections of popular music, which greatly added to the day’s enjoyment. (12 May 1898 – Cornishman)

1898: Various branches met at the United Methodist Free Church at 1.30, where a procession was formed and accompanied by the Hayle Town Band and the Deveral Band, perambulated the town. The beautiful silk banner of the Union headed the procession. (4 August 1898 – The Cornish Telegraph)

1901: Deveral Brass Band has just been re-organised, under the conductorship of T Pascoe. (23 May 1901 – Cornishman)

1901: St Erth Wesleyan Band of Hope on Saturday afternoon, held its annual tea. Headed by the Deveral Brass Band, under Mr Thomas Pascoe, the members (numbering about 170) marched round the village.  (30 May 1901 – Royal Cornwall Gazette)

1910: Deveral Brass Band, conducted by Mr T. Pascoe, paid a much-appreciated visit to Leedstown and other villages. (7 April 1910 – Cornishman)

1910: Deveral brass band, wearing new uniforms and conducted by Mr Pascoe. (23 June 1910 – The Cornish Telegraph)

1910: Headed by Deveral Brass Band (conducted by Mr T Pascoe) the officials, teachers and scholars … (21 July 1910 – Cornubian and Redruth Times)

Deveral Brass Band

1911: Deveral Brass Band and male choir gave a popular concert at Carleen Wesleyan Schoolroom Monday in aid of Dr Stephenson’s Homes. The room was quite full. (19 January 1911 – The Cornish Telegraph)

1911: The music was supplied by Deveral Brass Band, which, under Mr T Pascoe, rendered appreciated programme. It was a very successful day. (27 July 1911 – The Cornish Telegraph)

1912: Subsequently a procession was formed which, headed by Deveral Brass Band, paraded the district. (15 August 1912 – West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser)

1914: Deveral Brass Band accepting engagements. (John Brush)




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