City of Truro Male Choir
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  1. John Larke

    Hi. Please take ‘Voice ‘ out of our title. Our updated website has photos of our history. Also we have a continuous lineage back to Carnon Vale MVC and Chacewater & District MVC which this entry for City of Truro Male Choir does not make clear. We have a Facebook page and a Youtube page. I am happy to provide whatever info you would like as I was in Carnon Vale and have sung wiht the choir ever since

    1. Tony Mansell

      Hi John, I hope that you are well.
      Many thanks for your comments.
      We have removed “Voice”.
      We have strengthened the the lineage between the three choirs.
      Will take a look at your updated website during the next few days and assume that you are happy for us to incorporate information and photographs.
      After the coming weekend perhaps you would like to have a look at the webpages and consider what else you would like added.
      Many thanks for the feedback and best wishes, Tony