Writing Articles
What can I write about?

You can write about your experience of music in Cornwall, which could be:

  • a biography of a musician, performer or composer
  • about a band, choir or other performing group
  • a song or tune
  • an event or festival, or a venue
  • your memory of a musical event
  • … or something else!

Have a look at our categories or most recent contents for some inspiration.

We also have a list of people, places, traditions, that we’d love people to write on here –  so if you’re able to put some time into researching any of these articles, that would be great!

We’ve also put together some  templates in case you need a bit of a steer on what you could include.

Your articles all look different. Why?

We all have different writing styles and elements we want to include, so that’s why each article might look different from another. We don’t want to be too prescriptive about what form people’s articles should take – although as above, templates can be helpful for writers and readers alike, so that readers can identify particular information quickly.

What if there’s already an article about something I want to write about?

You can write your own article on it! It’s important to see different people’s perspectives, and we think it’s fine to have different viewpoints and disagree as long as people are civil and respectful – see our terms of use for guidance on this.

Can I upload photos, videos or audio to my articles?

Yes – you can add photos and audio to your article straight from the submission page.

If you want to add audio, please use MP3 files. There is an upload limit of 5MB. If you have a large or long file, please contact us to see about how we can include it.

If you want to upload a video, please contact us – there’s a YouTube channel for the Cornish National Music Archive which we’re uploading videos to (it helps keep the site running smoothly).

Using The Site
Do I have to add a photo to my website profile?

Not at all! Only if you want to.

I lost my password – how do I change it?

There’s a button that should let you reset your password next to the log in button. If you’re still stuck, contact us here.

I want to delete my profile and all my contents, how can I do that?

No problem – contact us here to let us know.

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Karol, Karol, Kristyon (Carol, Carol, Christians) Kenys gans Keur Heb Hanow Ilow:                               Matthew Burrows, Lanneves. Geryow Kernewek:     John Parker     Karol, karol Kristyon, Kan ughel dha lev, Kan awos dineythyans  Krist yw Myghtern an nev. Dres an nos ow kwitha, Aga flokk y’n pras, Bugeledh a Vethlem
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Chambour bys y’n Bedh (Sing from the Chamber to the Grave) Kenys gans Keur Heb Hanow Music:                  Inglis Gundry from his opera The Tinners of Cornwall Arranger:             Jim Carey English Words:    Verse by R S Hawker on gravestone of Richard Cann in Morwenstow Cornish Words:   John Parker and Steve Penhaligon
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