Ow Styrya Ilow Kernewek
Defining Cornish Music

Defining Cornish-ness is an age-old challenge – what makes a person (or a piece of music for that matter) Cornish for one person, might not be what makes it Cornish for another. Part of our aim is to represent the breadth and depth of music that is part of Cornish culture, so we’ve carefully considered how wide to cast our net of what to include in an archive of Cornish music. It can be quite the conundrum – consider for example, a piece of music written about Cornwall – but not by a Cornish person? Or, to take the opposite example, written by a Cornish person – but with nothing particularly “Cornish” about the music?

We’ve put our heads together and decided to include music that is, or has been: popular in Cornwall, impactful in Cornwall, written in Cornwall, written about Cornwall, inspired by Cornwall – thus aiming to include individuals, traditions and and compositions that express, reflect and celebrate Cornwall and our distinctive identity.

Most recent articles:
The Bodmin Celtic Pipe Band formed in 1974 by Pipe Major Bill McColl with Eric Watts on bass drum leading the drum core. Their repertoire mixed popular Scottish pipe band marches, strathspeys reels and jigs with traditional Cornish tunes arranged for the bagpipes by Bill McColl.
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Cornish Dance display group and Ceili Band 1979 – 1997
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You are invited to join Tir ha Tavas, the Kernow Bedroom Choir and Exeter Universitys Arts and Culture for an online Cornish Wassail this January.
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